Luxury 5 Star Beach Lodge Accommodation in Trafalgar, Durban.

The gentle murmur of the Indian Ocean is a constant lullaby.

Here, close to the city of Durban in South Africa's "forgotten paradise", lies a true gem. Days at Sea - a luxury hotel with just 6 suites, is a hideaway in the true sense of the word, a refuge for lovers of nature, first-class cuisine and fine wine.

The European background of artist and photographer Dr. Guido Schoeldgen and his wife Annette, a fashion designer, is evident throughout. Clear-cut lines, refreshing pictures and sculptures with accompanying texts characterise the beachfront hotel.

Each suite is a world on its own, a masterpiece of design in exquisite shades of aqua blue. The spacious pool set over the ocean is illuminated at night. Above it are the restaurant and lounge with projected images and music ranging from Pavarotti to Café Del Mar.

The chef makes suggestions, the guests decide and then enjoy - fusion cuisine, a combination of Italy and France with a dash of Asia, "con-fusion cuisine" as Guido jokingly calls it. See our latest 2021 RestaurantGuru recommendation.

The five-star boutique hotel is surrounded by three world-class golf courses - Wildcoast, San Lameer and Southbroom – and several leading game reserves, home to the "big five", are within driving distance.



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Days At Sea is nestled in a golfer's paradise.

Beautiful walking courses and championship courses are on the doorstep. Southbroom, Wildcoast, San Lameer - mouth-watering names for both amateurs and professionals. Find out more

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